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You gotta check this out: a student, who just spent her summer with the urban poor in Cairo, tattooed the fourth circle of The Big Story on her foot! She said that “it has become a great conversation starter!” No doubt!

Click the links to see the original videos of the Big Story — part 1 and part 2or the training manual.

Update: The write-up article is no longer available because the short format allowed for too many misunderstandings. For a fuller treatment, please check out True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In (for believers) or Based on a True Story (for seekers). A study guide for True Story is forthcoming through InterVarsity Press.

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  1. Weird approach – but I’m not going to knock it. I would find it unusual to take off my shoe to began sharing the circles.
    I recall in my 20’s assisting in street corner services. I hear of few of those today – and might very well be told to move on or be jailed for having no permit.
    I think much of what we might do as Christians should be tempered by a consideration of the future – and whom we’re trying to reach.
    But as a great early American hero wrote: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Take a chance – God’s in control. Remember Jesus is coming back soon.
    I still recall that pic of Jim drawing the circles in the sand on the beach – an approach to share Christ based on circumstances and to whom we’re trying to reach.
    The concept and the approach opened up the past for me.
    I was in Amway for several years, and while I didn’t make a million (or fraction thereof) I enjoyed visiting people and drawing dryboard circles (a recruiting tool).
    It was never an easy task, but once people found you were in Amway, or you trained new recruits, there was never an end to drawing circles.
    And I especially liked the excitement of the rallies. The underlying theme was: “You can do it…”
    Personally I have never found it easy witnessing one-on-one about Jesu as Savior. And every opportunity (not counting the many missed or avoided occasions) it takes a special effort to get into the dialogue.
    But once into it (forgetting myself) it flows easily and generates a natural high.
    That’s why I’m not going to knock the tattoo approach, even though it’s not my thing.
    And for the critics, remember Paul, paraphazing the Old Testament, said: “Blessed are the feet of those who carry/share the Gospel”(of grace).
    Or as I’ve heard from different folk, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…”
    Our task as redeemed, born again, headed for Heaven, children of our Father-King, is to talk up Jesus as the Savior – Problem Solver. The rest is up to the Holy Spirit who puts God-life into our words. His promise: “My Word will not return to me void.”
    What a JOY to hear of a fellow-believer SHARING Jesus with those needing Him. Keep doing it!
    As a minister, the hardest task I have is to motivate-encourage fellow-Christians to be witnesses.
    Praise the Lord!


  2. wow, it must’ve hurt. she can say for sure she ‘suffered’ for the gospel!


  3. wow. talk about commitment!
    jinhee, it does hurt– but b/c your endorphins are released, it’s a total rush!

    what a creative and fun way of relating jesus in our socio-cultural context, where these days tattoos are no longer a “taboo” and very mainstream.

    but then, i have some ink so i guess i’m biased. :P


  4. stumbled upon your work today through my friend Lawrence Tom, the ‘ABC Pastor’ of Philly. What a breath of fresh air. and yes…i can definitely see the circles tattooed on lot more people in a viral movement over the months and years to come. thanks for putting image and story to what we’ve wanted to say for a long time.


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