I have a few articles — and a dissertation — here that I hope will be helpful resources for you in life and ministry.

Dissertation: Postmodern Leadership Development

Finished in January 2008, this doctoral dissertation is formally titled, “A Narrative Approach to Developing World-Changing Leaders in Postmodern Cultures.” It’s a mouthful, but the first half provided the source material for True Story, while the second half served as the basis for the soon-to-be-released sequel Real Life.

May Women Teach?

This article explains how I moved from a complementarian position on women in ministry to an egalitarian one through the study of 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Corinthians 14 in their original language. (Note: this article does not address gender dynamics within families, but only as they pertain to ministry.)

A Biblical Survey of Integrity

This paper explores the character trait integrity throughout the Bible, and its implications on spiritual leadership today.

Let the Walls Fall Down: William J. Seymour

William J. Seymour’s impact on Christianity has been grossly underestimated. Disturbingly, though influential white Christian leaders have been recognized by the American Evangelical community, Seymour, an African-American, has been largely overlooked, even though his emphasis on racial reconciliation, holy living and the power of the Holy Spirit are lessons desperately needed to be learned in our modern day.

The Spiritual Practices of St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis is one of the most revered saints of all time, and his whole life is in itself a spiritual practice to God. From his caring of the poor to his adoration of nature to his fervent times of prayer, all of his actions were an act of worship. His life, a combination of the contemplative and the active, is a Christian model of holistic spiritual living even for today.

Why’s It’s Not Evangelism Until We Speak

In this featured article for Outreach Magazine, I try to challenge the thought that evangelism can merely be done with our deeds. What we do and how we live is absolutely important, but we also need to interpret our actions and give voice to what we believe.

Lead Forward: Developing World-Changers

In another featured article for Outreach Magazine, I tease out the spiritual question of each generation (Boomers, Xers, and Millennials), and their implications for ministry.

Preaching a Faith Worth Believing In

A short article written for, published on September 1, 2008.

A New Frontier

A letter written to Inheritance Magazine that explains the potential trajectory for Asian Americans in our culture, published in December 2012.