True Story Resources

Here’s a collection of online resources — such as the original videos, videos made by others, videos made in different languages, articles, interviews, training guides, etc. — that are related to the Big Story. If you want fuller treatment, check out my first book, True Story or its companion booklet, Based on a True Story.

Big Story App

The Big Story App is a creative way to share the Gospel from your smartphone or tablet! Created by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, this app is now available for free on iOS and Android.


Original Big Story videos

Here’s part 1, an unscripted three-minute video explaining the Christian gospel:

And here’s part 2, highlighting possible responses to the question asked in part 1:

Other Big Story videos

Presented at Life Center Church by Zak Johnson:

Simplified version of the Big Story by Doug Schaupp, who co-wrote a wonderful evangelism resource titled I Once Was Lost:

The Big Story in Spanish, titled “La gran historia”:

The Big Story in Korean:

The Big Story in Swedish:

The Big Story in Japanese:

Other online resources