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ST. LOUIS, MO. — We’re finishing up InterVarsity’s National Staff Conference 2011, which happens only once every three years. And we’ve had a great time, reflecting on what it means to see “campuses renewed,” and how we are called to be “a redeeming influence on the people, ideas and structures of the university.” I can’t think of another staff conference in my tenure (16th year!) that provided such a welcome change in our perspective as campus ministers. We aren’t a ministry that’s merely on campus, but a ministry to and for the campus. And that has huge implications that I’m just starting to unpack.

During the conference, I was excited that every staff member in our movement was given a pamphlet that provides another way of sharing the material in True Story! It’s a great adaptation, and you can download a version at my friend York Moore’s website, Tell the Story. I’m encouraged for the continued embrace of this way of sharing the gospel.

Much thanks to the IV staff from the Great Lakes East region, which includes the campuses within Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They created this pamphlet primarily for the Price of Life Invitational at Ohio State University, which sought to bring awareness to modern-day slavery.

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  2. This is awesome! Is there a PDF version that can easily printed off and read rather than taking origami skills to put it together. It would be great to have version that people could simply print and read at a gospel appointment?


  3. Sorry — I don’t know of a PDF version that is merely printable, except for this one.


  4. I just finished reading True Story. It drew me in. I could not stop reading it. As a 64 year old pastor I have been wrestling with Jesus’ definition of the gospel and the “get saved and go to heaven” gospel so common in Bible believing churches. I appreciate the fresh way you have packaged the gospel and the coaching on how to present the gospel of the kingdom to a postmodern world.


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