Recognizing God’s voice

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I love our church. We’re small, and we meet in our home. And we’ll often just sit and listen to hear what God might be saying to us. Some will share visions. Others, dreams. Still others will share Bible verses that are apt for the moment. Through it all, it becomes clear that one word from God is worth a thousand sermons.

Isn’t that what prophets do? Figure out what God is saying for the moment? I haven’t seen anything else motivate a community more than a word that everyone knows is from God.

So how do you know if God is speaking?

Though there are many times when it’s difficult to discern God’s voice, much of it often uses common sense — given that the Spirit actually lives within us as a community. When I’m discerning whether or not God is speaking through a person or a community, I’m usually asking these five questions…

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