Urbana 12 PANA Lounge

If you’re at Urbana ’12 this year, you won’t want to miss what’s happening at the Urbana Pan Asian North American (PANA) Lounge.

The PANA Lounge will be split into two. On the social side, we’ll have space to hang out, snacks, a photo booth, and a “Genius Bar” for free consulting on Asian North American ministry. And check out Shin Maeng‘s art installation as well!

On the content side, we’ll present 24 eight-minute talks on the latest and greatest ideas in Asian North American ministry in the first part of each afternoon. The middle part will generally spotlight various Asian North American artists and creatives, while the last part will host various ethnic gatherings. There’s even an intimate concert with Jason Chu, and an open mic on the last afternoon! Here’s the full schedule, and click the talk’s title to jump straight to the video:

Friday, December 28

Saturday, December 29

Sunday, December 30

Monday, December 31

Updates will happen through the @InterVarsityAAM Twitter feed, so make sure you follow that. And you don’t have to be Asian to come, so check it out! Hope to see you there!

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  2. […] my life: I spoke at the Pan Asian North American Lounge, thankful to James Choung for the special opportunity– listen to and/or read my talk — […]


  3. […] Christian Fellowship at UC Berkeley) shared this talk ‘The Moral Model Minority‘ at the Urbana 12 Pan Asian North American (PANA) Lounge on 12/31/2012. Adapted from an article published October 2012 in hardboiled, the Asian Pacific […]


  4. As of yesterday, these talks have started to go online. Check them out at http://mem.intervarsity.org/aam/blog


  5. were they all recorded? i’m really looking forward to Jimmy Quach’s talk


    1. Yes. And we’re posting them once a day. So his will go up in a bit!


  6. […] video to the others. (Don’t I sound like a dealer or a pusher? Still, you can find the entire list here — and we’re still posting […]


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