Ethnicity Matters

How do faith and ethnicity intersect? Is ethnicity a biblically-valid part of our identity? Is God colorblind?

If you’re asking these kinds of questions, check out this short video that we — InterVarsity Multiethnic Ministries and our media arm, 2100 Productions — released at InterVarsity’s National Multiethnic Conference a month ago. It’s a seven-minute reflection on the biblical foundations for ethnicity. In this short amount of time, it can’t cover everything. But I hope it’s a helpful conversation starter.

For those of you who’ve seen it before, this is the final version. And if you have a Vimeo account (which you can get for free), then you’ll be able to download this as well. There’s also a discussion guide, and I’ll link it as soon as its final version is approved.

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  1. Boy, do I wish this video had been around in the 1990s when we were wrestling with this on our campus! =)

    Fabulous job, James (and 2100?)! I hope it goes a long way towards helping students, staff, and chapters understand the need both for ethnic-specific ministries and also pursuing integration as well.

    Blessings to you!


  2. James, this is wonderful. I had goosebumps quite a few times during the video.

    Having seen the first version, I can say this is a great improvement–and I already loved the first one! Really well done.


  3. I’m echoing Helen and Matt here, James — this is fantastic. I’m not kidding when I say I’m going to refer people who have these questions back to your video. Clear, concise, engaging, compelling stuff. May the Christ and His Church shine brighter because of your great work & ministry!


  4. Thanks for the kind words! And D-So, thanks for the post at!


  5. love love love this. Me and my husband Dano (UCSD InterVarsity Alum) just started working for where we create gospel-based content to reach all ethnicities and man, we’ve been so stoked on the idea of getting more ppl in to our video studio who could speak right to the heart of a specific nation, culture or sub-culture…. and this video just fuels our fire for that. Thanks for saying it so clearly! You really have a gift to clearly express the Gospel. Love it.


    1. I know Dano — awesome guitar player. Please say Hi to him for me. And glad that the video helped!


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