Correction: Inheritance interview

First, it’s great that Inheritance Magazine is tackling a subject as large as the future of the Asian American church. Their primary focus is on East Asians, but I think there could be some overlap for any immigrant church in this country. Since I didn’t have time to write an article, I was thankful for the chance to contribute with an interview titled “Post-Grad Christianity and the Long Road Ahead.” (It’s on pages 14-16, if you hit the link.)

But after I read the print edition, I realized that I had made a mistake. So I want to extent an apology and a correction. In answer to the second question, “Why can college be such an instrumental and life-changing time in the life of a Christian?” I had cut-and-pasted an answer from a document I use to explain my own ministry with InterVarsity. It’s a mix of copy passed down from staff worker to staff worker and some of my edits — and I forgot to source it. I feel badly for the careless mistake.

As for my correction, I actually don’t know where the text originated. So here is what I’d change: Add “As it is written in my InterVarsity ministry brochure:” at the beginning of my answer.

Otherwise, I hope the interview was helpful!

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  1. Hah! Do you know who wrote a good chunk of the second paragraph of your answer??

    Brought back very happy memories. Glad to see my words are still making the case for InterVarsity! :)


  2. No way! I had no idea. I took it from some Harvard staff, who, if I remember it right, took it from Rich Lamb.

    Then, then I owe you much thanks, because I’ve been using that for the last 16 years! =)


  3. Making a correction in my Inheritance interview


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