Three book recommendations

In my opinion, here are three titles worth reading that I’ve finished in the last month. Click on any of the books to see my brief thoughts on them.

You can also find other recommendations at my account on Goodreads.

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  1. Three book recommendations from the past month.


  2. Hi wow! this is so weird…I just moved down to San Diego like a month ago and just yesterday night at church I was talking with Eva…and she said she had a friend up in Seattle named James Choung and asked if I knew you…which I didn’t.

    I was just reading through my friend Aaron Chang’s blog and saw his blogroll and your name was right there haha. I think you are the James Eva was talking about because she works with Intervarsity Campus Ministries too! Anyhow, just wanted to say hello and small world and I’m going to bookmark your book recommendations page!!

    – Doris


  3. Hi Doris —

    Yes, you’ve found me. And good to meet you! Are you from Seattle?


  4. Hey James, i’d love to see your book recs, but it seems that the page isn’t working….


  5. Sorry about that, Brian. The website is undergoing renovations, and I lost that functionality for now. I hope to get the book recommendations back up someday, but not sure when I’ll have the time in the near future.

    Thanks for checking it out, though!


  6. Ok Brian. I fixed the links, and started porting a few of my reviews out to Goodreads.


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