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My friend, Doug Schaupp and co-author of I Once Was Lost — a great book that interviews hundreds of young people on why they became Christians to discern what a typical journey might look like — has a 7-minute video on how to present a simplified version of the Big Story. Check it out!

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  1. The Simplified Big Story is very good, but James’ original version is still the best.
    But I have to emphasize that Doug’s side remarks on using the circles is outstanding for those not familiar with the approach – and are willing to exert the effort.
    The problem I have is getting fellow believers to memorize the script basics before endeavoring to use it in witnessing.
    Of all the approaches to presenting the Gospel story, I feel that the ‘Big Story’ is the best. And you’re more likely to get a fair hearing – and the Holy Spirit does the rest.
    I’ve also discovered that once you have it established in your mind, when there are no napkins black boards, or beach sand on which to write circles, the fingers of your hand (or those of the person with whom you’re sharing Jesus) are great as imaginary circles – and act as points 1, 2, 3…
    Most of all I’m thrilled to know that others with this great tool are reaching out to share Jesus.

    Pastor Dave

    P.S. Just after college I spent some time in AMWAY. Their main tool was, and still is, drawing circles on a board, showing that the Amway opportunity was the greatest thing since Mom’s apple pie. I’ve also noticed that if you share within a group, it is much more effective. DJ

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