Urbana 2009: Calling all Asian North Americans

ST. LOUIS, MO — The snow has spiced the ground like salt, and the temp is nine degrees below freezing. I’m cold. But God isn’t.

And He is gathering 16,000+ here for the Urbana 09 Student Missions Conference to hear from leading practitioners and theologians about what He is doing throughout the world.

If you’re Asian American or Asian Canadian and here at Urbana, there are some gatherings I want to make you aware of:

Asian North American Ministers’ Gathering (co-sponsored by InterVarsity and L2 Foundation). On Wednesday, December 30 at 2-2:45p, pastors and ministry leaders are gathering to discuss the potential for church-parachurch partnerships to bless cities throughout the country. We’re meeting at the Kingsbury room in the Renaissance Grand Hotel, and Rev. Sabrina Chan, DJ Chuang and myself are co-leading.

Pan Asian North American Student Lounge. If you just want to receive prayer, grab some bubble tea, connect to the internet, or just kick up your feet and unwind, this is a great place for you. Throughout our time at Urbana, the Lounge will host special guests and presentations, so don’t miss out! It’s located at the Holiday Inn Select.

And you can find me leading a seminar on True Story on Monday, December 28 at 2p — which is also an Urbana book of the day! — and on Tuesday, December 29 at 2p on “Decision-Making and the Will of God” for the International Students Track.

Hope to see you here!

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  1. I met a UCSD student at the airport who loved your decision-making seminar. She took out her notes and told me all about it. Brought back echoes of prayer ministry and discernment training all those years ago…carry on!


  2. Thanks man! How are you these days, Ryan. I know that it’s been a crazy battle …


  3. I checked out your decision making seminar and it was fantastic. I was curious if they recorded the audio of that seminar and if it was available anywhere?!



  4. Thanks! I had two mp3 players recording it, and I thought they were planning to put it up online. I’ll let you know when I find out!


  5. hey i really wanted to know what the name of a book is, i read it once i think it was in this website, about a young guy who was dating and then become single and how that impacted his relationship with God, please!!!


  6. Hi Aldo —

    I don’t know that book. Sorry.


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