A new look

As you can see, Tell It Slant just got a makeover, though not quite an extreme one. I was never fully satisfied with the previous look: the colors never looked right. So what you’re seeing is the fruit of some sleepless nights. (Insomnia sometimes has its benefits.) It’s essentially the same website with a few tweaks — and less space. I especially like the new “archives” page, which is the genius of some generous programmer out there.

Take a look around, and let me know what you think.

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  1. haha…i love the hemingway theme :)

    dang it…now i can’t use it anymore. :(


  2. dark and handsome… just like my husband!


  3. Lookin’ good, James.


  4. Like it James…only I’m missing the shot of you musing deeply about your sandal on the beach…


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