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Hi everyone! I couldn’t sleep yet again but this time it’s because I was obsessing over this new blog. I wanted to spiff up the ol’ website. What do you think?

The change: I left Blogger and moved over to WordPress on hosted space. Oooo. I think I was ready to take off the training wheels and really ride. It’s nice over here not quite as cataclysmic as shifting from a PC to a Mac *grin*, but somewhat comparable. There’s lots of bells and whistles including stuff I’d never use, like categories. But you gotta try the translate buttons over to the side. I can’t tell if they translate well at all, but it sure is fun! If you’re ever going to start your own blog, definitely start with WordPress instead of Blogspot.

Anyway this post is getting far more nerdy than I had anticipated. I just reverted back to my geek days in college for a while, but now Jinhee will get her husband back *another grin*. What a way to spend the first four hours of my birthday and now it’s time to get some sleep.

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  1. i lost the comments while updating this website — my bad…


  2. Nice ride. Nice touch with the translations.

    Mad respect.


  3. Is there a meaning behind the butterfly next to the page title? I have my own meaning for butterflies and am curious to know why you chose it.

    miss ya,

    PS hope you’re having fun in thailand :)


  4. Hi Bry — I wish I could say that it represented guidance in a dark forest, or perhaps the transformation that comes from entering into a cacoon to emerge later in flight. I wish there was something deep, but instead it’s just the icon that came with that particular banner. But what does it mean to you?

    (Also, this post is a bit of a test. I’m writing from the plane, en route to Bangkok — so I wonder what kind of flag will show up.)


  5. You must have mad skills writing from a plane. The flag is still USA however, maybe it’ll change in Thailand.

    Since CBS last year (yea genesis), butterflies have been a symbol of freedom for me. I was on a hike and one kept following me around the trail as I was praying about some brokenness. Jesus kept saying, I’ve set you free like this butterfly.
    So now whenever I see one, I smile and remember an old victory.

    You can steal that meaning if you like ;)


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