Response to UCLA video

This is the official response from InterVarsity Asian American Ministries about a video that was posted by a UCLA student making derogatory remarks about the Asian American community. Her video has subsequently garnered national attention, and has stirred up a great deal of response.

The Asian American Ministries Leadership Team has also provided some questions to engage this conversation at a larger level with people around you, and we hope they’re helpful:

  • How did you react to Alexandra Wallace’s video? How did your friends respond?
  • What differences, if any, did you see in various responses according to ethnicity or gender?
  • How have you seen or experienced something like this before, like having a person or group saying something negative about people from your own race, ethnicity or gender?
  • How would justice be served? How would reconciliation happen in this situation?
  • In what ways, if any, are you called to respond in Jesus’ name in your context — individually or with others?